Meet new people at the places you like

We help you break the ice.

How It Works

1. Go to meeting point

Check in at the real place using our app and GPS. It's best to check in at an announced event but you can also check in at a railway station while waiting for a train, in a shopping mall or even at a music festival.

2. Chat online

Browse profiles of people who are at the same place. If you find someone you'd like to meet, break the ice by starting an online conversation and arrange a meeting right at the venue.

3. Meet in person

Meet the person in the flesh, have a short walk or a cup of coffee together and immediately discover if you have something in common.

Why it is cool

It's Natural

You don't talk to a complete stranger on the street and you also don't waste hours of nonsense internet chat.

It's Instant

If you like somebody's profile and would like to meet personally, it's easy since you're literaly a few steps from her/him.

It's risk-free

You meet people in public, so it is completely safe. You can even take a friend with you.

Frequently asked questions

Is it a dating app?

No. Isbreaker aims to help you meet new people personally in public places and it's up to you whether you use it to find friends when you're in a new city, find new contacts or even a partner. The application only helps you meet people you wouldn't meet otherwise. By concept of meeting points it also tries to gather people at one place so it is more likely to meet somebody you like. Additionally, it helps you break the ice by starting interactions with people using messages so you don't need to talk to a complete stranger.

What do I need for it?

You need to download our app, create a profile and find a suitable meeting point. Then just go to the meeting point, check in and start conversation with somebody.

What are those meeting points?

They are places where you can check in using our app and GPS. Then you can browse through a list of people who are at the same place and contact them through a personal message.

There are various types of meeting points:
  • Permanent: places where people gather naturally, e.g railway stations or shopping malls. You can check in anytime you want. For example you can meet somebody interesting while waiting for a train on your way home.
  • One-time: places such as cultural or sport events. There could be so many people at a music festival willing to have a chat with you about bands and you simply don't meet them without Isbreaker.
  • Organised events: we organize meeting events in public places which are focused on gathering people at one place so it is more likely to meet someone interesting. We try to connect these events with places where people gather naturally such as beer gardens in summer and shopping malls in winter.
You can find a list of meeting points right in the application or check out our Facebook and Twitter.

Is it safe?

It is completely safe if you follow several basic rules:
  • Don't meet anybody who behaves suspicious or when you don't feel comfortable about what the other person writes to you in the messages.
  • Always meet the person at the meeting point and don't go anywhere where you would end up alone with the person.
  • It is always better to tell somebody that you're going to meet someone new. Inform them about the place and time.

What if I don't want older/younger people to contact me?

You have a full control over who can contact you. Everything can be set in the Settings in the application.

What if I'm shy to meet somebody completely new?

Bring a friend with you, there's nothing strange about it ;-)

How do you read Isbreaker and why this name?

We read it as ice·break·er and the meaning is simple: we help you meet new people and start a conversation.

"The ability to simply start a social interaction is part of our human nature."

"Natural is meeting new people face to face."

"Profile photos are poor proxies for the chemistry sparked by meeting in the flesh."